ProcessStation is Brookside Software’s Real-time data collection solution. We collect 30 or more machine parameters at 1Hz or better. This data can then be stored locally or on a network. Concurrent with data collection and logging, ProcessStation also provides the user with a real time display of the parameters
being collected. With the optional Software Passthru this data collection can also be done while still connected to your factory
host system.

  • Real time data collection from semiconductor tools via SECS, HSMS, analog inputs, and custom interfaces
  • Up to 300 parameters at 3 samples/second (depending on
    the capabilities of the tool)
  • Interfaces to Brookside EPT or Multivariate Brookside Models data analysis systems for each wafer to provide a wafer-by-wafer go/no-go decision to continue processing
  • Flexible user-controlled data management
  • Custom operator interfaces for recipe management available

Process Station supports dozens of manufaturers and hundreds of models. View current list.

If you're interested in connecting to a machine not in this list, please contact us.

There are demos available for many versions of Process Station. Click here to learn more.